After 50 years in business,  Harrington Galleries  has updated our furniture acquisition operations. For decades we have physically gone out on house visits and worked with many families to liquidate or clear out their estates and home contents. Today, digital tools are at our disposal and offer rapid and efficient alternatives to the traditional on site visit for furniture resale. A site visit may still be scheduled for a large estate but for smaller lots, email submission is an expedited solution for both the buyer and seller. We are happy to introduce as a faster communication tool to liquidate your furniture or estate.


Our liquidation service best supports sellers who want to liquidate an estate with vintage and antique inventory to be sold off the premise of their property. Harrington Galleries will buy medium lots usually in apartments, condos or estates in the Bay Area. We have our own truck and staff and remove items to be sold in our store and online.  We can do a clear out or buy out and will remove all contents of the home.  In this case the labor charge is subtracted from the purchase price. The items we can not sell are donated to our neighbor Community Thrift and proceeds are donated to your non-profit of choice. To begin the liquidation process

1. Please call 415-861-7300 or email
 2. Create an inventory list of what will be sold and what will remain with family.
3. Decide what has resale value and what should be recycled or disposed.
4. Please include your asking price for the lot not by individual piece.
5. Please include your contact info and pick up address. 
6. Please let us know your time frame for removal for sale.

If you are not able to send photos, we are happy to  schedule a house call by calling 415-861-7300


An impressive range of inventory and items representative and spanning decades available for your professional projects.


Professional written appraisals for personal use based on a negotiated fee.


Convenient, affordable and on-time delivery services within San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.