Furniture Acquisitions In The Digital Age


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Vintage and Antique Furniture Acquisitions in the Digital Age
After 50 years in business, Harrington Galleries has updated our furniture acquisition operations. For decades we have physically gone out on house visits and worked with many families to liquidate or clear out their estates and home contents. Today, digital tools are at our disposal and offer rapid and efficient alternatives to the traditional on site visit for furniture resale. A site visit may still be scheduled for a large estate but for smaller lots, email submission is an expedited solution for both the buyer and seller. We are happy to as a faster communication tool to liquidate your furniture or estate.

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1950's Formica Dinette with Hairpin Legs and One Leaf              Vintage Vinyl Recliner and Rocker

Our Services and Procedures for Furniture Resale

We believe vintage and antique furniture provides a sustainable and renewable resource that should be regarded as a positive reinvestment for the next generation of furniture buyers. With this goal in mind, we curate our furniture intake and have procedures in place to better serve both our resellers and customers. Our goal is to keep our prices fair and provide an affordable and sustainable service.

Vintage Furniture and Antique Furniture vs. Slightly Used and Contemporary Because of our urban location, our customers are usually looking for vintage and antique furniture that offers multi-purpose functionality, unique design and space saving considerations. Vintage furniture includes anything from the 1920-1970’s that has been gently used and can be repurposed in a contemporary apartment. Antique inventory usually dates before 1920 and varies in condition and style. At present the demand for vintage and mid-century is much greater than antiques and must be considered in any asking price. We do not purchase slightly used and contemporary furniture, as there is not enough resale value in these items. As we have introduced new sustainable and chemical free foam sofas and mattress' , we do not take in used sofas or mattress but can provide a removal with a small fee for recycling disposal for our estate liquidation clients. We also rarely purchase individual items, as we do not have the manpower for pick up single items.

Wholesale vs. Retail Harrington Galleries purchases furniture from individuals at wholesale price with the intent to resell at retail prices. Many individuals are hoping to sell items for half or their purchase price but in reality it is best to expect much less for second hand and antique furniture as we need to resell as used furniture. When negotiating a purchase price we must consider our labor, repair, time on floor, insurance, marketing and other expenses. We also mark down all vintage and antique inventory in our shop 20% to insure faster sales so pieces find a good home and are reused and repurposed.
Instant Purchase vs. Consignment
We find that many vintage items take longer to sell in this market and we need to be able to mark down prices at our discretion. Therefore, we do not purchase on a traditional consignment model but on an instant purchase model and pay up front not on the condition or percentage of sale. In addition, if the lots do not sell, the cost of labor to move furniture multiple times by seller is not cost effective.

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Set of 6 Antique Carved Oak Dining Chairs               Mid Century Kalpe Los Angeles Highboy

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Asian Inspired Vintage Nest of Tables                 Italian Provenical Reproduction Bedside Table
Liquidation and Submissions

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Antique Oak Pedestal Table with 4 leaves                     Exquisite Three Layers High Japanese Tansu  

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Pair of Danish End tables with Reversible Bench                                   Antique Dresser

We offer our resale customers the choice of digital submission or estate liquidation for furniture acquisition by Harrington Galleries.
Submission for instant Consignment
Many of our sellers have just a small lot for sale and maybe out of town or in town for a short period of time. In this case, emails sent to is the best tool. Because it is hard to make a concrete offer from photos, we have a few steps for our sellers to follow to expedite the resale process.
1. Please submit photos of small lots with at least 5 pieces of furniture. 2. Please include an inventory list for all items you wish to sell. 3. Please include your asking price for the lot not by individual piece. 4. Please include your contact info and pick up address. 5. Please let us know your time frame for removal for sale.

After we have received your submission material, we will review your information and make an offer. Please keep in mind we are not able to intake all submissions and need to make selections based on purchase price and what our customers want to buy. It is also important to consider that Harrington Galleries will purchase at wholesale prices to resell at retail prices.
Estate Liquidation Our liquidation service best supports sellers who want to liquidate an estate with vintage and antique inventory to be sold off the premise of their property. Harrington Galleries will buy medium lots usually in apartments, condos or estates in the Bay Area. We have our own truck and staff and remove items to be sold in our store and online. We can do a clear out or buy out and will remove all contents of the home. In this case the labor charge is subtracted from the purchase price. The items we can not sell are donated to our neighbor Community Thrift and proceeds are donated to your non-profit of choice. To begin the liquidation process
1. Please call 415-861-7300 or email 2. Create an inventory list of what will be sold and what will remain with family. 3. Decide what has resale value and what should be recycled or disposed. 4. Please include your asking price for the lot not by individual piece. 5. Please include your contact info and pick up address. 6. Please let us know your time frame for removal for sale.

If you are not able to send photos, we are happy to schedule a house call by calling 415-861-7300

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Mid Century Danish Desk                                                     Antique Leather Trunk
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                        Vintage Cabinet by Century                                   Hollywood Regency Serge Roche Sideboard

The Urbano Collection For Sustainable Living


The Urbano Collection

 599 Valencia San Francisco California 94110 


This year Harringtons is expanding our bedroom collection and we are introducing our new sustainable line, The Urbano Collection, where all products are environmentally friendly and use natural resources and finishes.  We are continuing to apply the SF Department of the Environment  #BreathEasy campaign to promote green and toxin free lifestyle options for our Bay Area clients and neighbors.

Lisa Fremont is the guest Art Director on The Urbano Collection set and created a look that highlights Harringtons goals to promote longevity and eclectic vitality in our homes. She set off the reclaimed wooden bed with ethnic textiles and an heirloom style rug, adding a few vintage and modern pieces for extra interest.

Reclaimed Wood and Made in California


Our Urbano Collection  promotes the exclusive use of vintage reclaimed wood. The advantages of reclaimed wood include highlighting the grain of the timber with its tight growth rings.  In addition, the natural, aged patina and color of the old-growth timber is preserved in the manufacturing process, giving the furniture a look and feel that can not be replicated in new wood.

The Urbano bed frame is a custom piece and available in standard bed frame sizes with a two week turnaround, Bay Area installation and West Coast Shipping

Available In  A Variety of Custom Finishes


We chose a natural finish for our Urbano Collection set but each client can choose their own stain and finish.  All finishes are  low VOC and  water based, non-toxic stains with only water soluble, formaldehyde free glues. 

Handcrafted Custom Pillows


The use of regional textiles and fabrics has been a trend for awhile but is predominant in this years design focus.  Our new sustainable pillow collection includes pillows made from Indigo wraps from the Dojon tribe from West Africa and vintage Czech military blankets with Swiss cross accents. The Dojon tribe wraps are created from natural indigo dye and are finished with a vinegar wash so the color don't bleed.  All pillows have an invisible zipper, double backed with linen  and have down inserts. Each pillow is a unique custom piece and sizes include a square 24" or narrow lumbar shape.



Handknotted Wool Rugs

The Relic Collection embraces new life with reenergized classic patterns featuring today's hottest colors! We have used distressed denim in our set and have also pictured distressed graphite with more color options available on ourwebstore.  These rugs are hand-knotted in India of 100% wool.  Each rug is intentionally distressed and over-dyed to recreate the timeless classic look. The Relic Collection is 100% natural ''green'' product and completely free of any latex materials. These rugs are available in all standard sizes with nationwide shipping.

Vintage and Contemporary End Tables


Pasted Graphic

Browse our always evolving Harrington Galleries webstore for great accent pieces such as this fab vintage leather steamer trunk or our reclaimed Branch endtable to make your room one of a kind!


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New Home Staging (San Rafael)

Harrington Galleries recently staged a homes in the San Francisco and East Bay Area. A wide variety of inventory was used—from a vintage coffee table to modern fixtures from our warehouse floor. For more information, visit our home staging business at